Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ruckus Stolen from Driveway

I have really never understood theft. It not only deprives one of hard earned money, but is a mental insult that leaves one violated.

I was out of town, and two nights ago, some one came up, close to the house, and stole my Honda Ruckus from in front of our carport.

I really liked the Ruckus, road it several times a week, and just had an oil change a few days ago.

My daughter is now feeling funny about staying home alone, I am upset, and Progressive insurance company is only going to give me about 1/2 of what it will cost to replace it. Oh, that is after I fill out an insanely complicated form, and wait a month or so, to see if the police will recover it. It is interesting how Progressive insurance company determines value. They use the NADA guide, that is out of date, and just gives an average of nation wide sale prices of used vehicles.

My Ruckus was broken in carefully, had it's 600 miles service, and an oil change at 1000, 1500, and 2000 miles. It always had proper tire pressure, was warmed up before full throttle riding, and never ridden in a way that would be hard on the brakes or suspension. The brakes were adjusted monthly, and over last winter, was prepped with Stabil. Before riding in the spring, another oil change, and thorough check of all mechanical equipment.

I maintain all my equipment in this manner, and it is the reason that I do not buy used vehicles, as very few people provide this level of attention to maintenance.

So, is the NADA price fair in my case? I say no, not even close. Another complaint is that since gas has risen so high in price, Scooters like the Ruckus have climbed in value, and are difficult to find at any price. Even if I do get it back ( which is doubtful ) I am sure it will have been severely abused.

Besides all this, KiKi used to love sitting on it, waiting for us to come home.

Sad day.


  1. That just blows. Sorry to hear about it.

  2. sorry sugar wish i could find it for u. know how muchu liked it and iknow about loosing things that u like. have a good day any way.