Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Ride with the Kid

Nice crisp Spring day, so the Kid and I took a 186.3 mile ride along the Illinois River. I had my doughts if she could take the little Honda Dual Sport across the country, but after today I think no probs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Road Food

Being an overcast morning, I was just reminiscing on some of my riding adventures. Because I have yet to have breakfast my mind has wandered to some of the outstanding #RoadFood locations I have found over the years. Here are a few of the outstanding places I have found. Not a complete list, just the ones worth riding a thousand miles to eat at.

1: Rips Tavern

Even though the Earth is a big place, there has to be somewhere that is the absolute best in any endeavor. Rip's has the best fried chicken on the planet. No where else is even close.

2: Mama Hamils

This place is a little hard to find, as you can't see it from the road, and there is no sign. If you want the best Southern Buffet, then you will just have to do what every one else does and ask some one. I found Hamils while riding down Hwy 51 and experiencing the smell of wonderfull cooking as I was riding past. Now Hamils is a stop every time I head South.

3: The Palace Grill

Breakfast? This is the place. I have been eating here since 1972. I don't live in Chicago, but every couple of weeks, I drive/ride the 50 miles to the Palace to have what I think is the best ham & cheese omelet there is.

4: Original Oyster House & Steamer

When I want shrimp dinner, I could try some where in Chicago, but I know there is nothing like this place. One time while eating here I heard some one say, "the best shrimp never make it more than 20 miles from the Gulf". There are plenty of sea food restaurants along the Gulf of Mexico, I have tried many, but this IS the place. My friends shake their heads when I get on my bike and say I am going for shrimp. I say, it's only 986 miles from my house.

5: Heidelberg Cafe

If you are ever withing 500 miles or so of Indianapolis, this is a must. I always go out of my way to stop here. It is unique, the food is the best German fare I have found, and they are nice people.

6: Rendezvous Memphis

Pullese don't tell me about KC ribs. These are better! I won't waste words on this one, just go there.

7: Nick Tavern Lemont, IL

The hamburger discussion could be long. I like In-and-Out as much as anyone, but again, there has to be a very best. For Hamburgers, Nick's in Lemont is right up there. Not the absolute worlds best like Rip's Chicken, but pretty darn good. There were stories about former Governor Jim Thompson taking the state helicopter to Lemont just to have a Nick's burger. Anyway, if you want to experience what a hamburger should be, this is it.

8: Superdawg

If the hamburger argument is a biter one, well hot dog places have an even bigger following. I will setle this argument. Superdawg is the best. (Period.)

9: Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Do not give me this Culvers, or anyone else has good custard before you try Ted Drewes. Nope, not a word.

10: Norske Nook

Hard to describe, but do not pass one without stopping. Really!

11: Norb-Andy's 518 E Capitol Ave, Springfield, IL Tel: (217) 523-7777

Sorry no website, but Norb Andy's is the place to get a Horseshoe sandwich while in Springfield.

12: Rezza's

My favorite Middle-Eastern (Persian) resturant. 3 locations, all great. The Lamb is perfect, and you have to try the Dill Rice.

13: Yokohama Restaurant, Westmont, IL

I used to live in Japan, and there are very few Japanese restaurants that really have food that is the true flavor that I found there. Yokohama is one that is actually authentic. I can not say that is is the best in the country, however I can say it is the best Japanese food in Northern Illinois including Chicago.