Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bye bye BMW

Hello Can Am Spyder

The K12GT is 4 sale.

Well, I have 150 miles on the new Spyder, and I am sure I made the right choice. As a matter of fact, I now wonder about my new 650 Burgman scooter. I have planned on having a long haul road bike, and the scooter for shorter trips and in town.

The Can Am Spyder can do it all. so. I am thinking.

I am going to Ohio tomorrow, and am going to take the Spyder. When I get back, the 06 K1200GT goes off to Motorworks in Chicago to be sold, unless some one offers me a reasonable sum for it before I put it on consignment.

My kid does not want the Burgman, so I need to choose keeping it for a change of pace ride, or unloading it and just taking the hit. We will see about that when I get back, but the Spyder really can do it all.

This is also the end of an era for me. For 11 years now I have had one BMW or another. Being BMW free will be a little different, but the folks at the Chicago Region BMW club allow members even if they ride something else. And they are nice people.

More later......


  1. Hey Kurt!!
    How have you been??OMG.. I love reading about your trips!... and just how many miles does your BMW have on it now?? Tons I bet! Hope you are doing well!


  2. Awesomely sweet. I so wanna stowaway. LOLZ! Have a great ride.