Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dinner at the Greek Islands



One thing that cannot be had in Texas, or pretty much anywhere west of the Mississippi is great Greek food. My BMW riding buddy Ingrid and I went to the Greek Islands on 22nd St in Lombard (same owners as the one on Halsted & Adams). I had Perfect butterfly lamb chops, with Greek potatoes. We had Saginaki complete with Whooopa! for an appetizer, and then my favorite Greek desert, fresh yogurt with honey and walnuts. Now, I can go back to Texas!


Lucy, you've got some 'splainin to do.

Why are we seeing this on an N900? Actually the answer is easy. The Ovi Store website checks the "user-agent" string on the web browser that is accessing it. I changed the user agent string in the Maemo browser to mimic an Android 2 Google Phone, so I can use Google Buzz. The Ovi store thought I was a Nexus One, so it told me "Go away, we're closed".

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grilled shrimp and oysters

Whitecap Seafood, Gulfport, MS

I love sea food when I am down at the gulf coast. I have never liked sea food in Chicago. I was talking to the restaurant owner while he was shucking the fresh oysters used in the grilled oysters pictured here. I told him about what I thought of the difference between Chicago and here in Gulfport MS. He said something interesitng that after thinking about it makes sense.

"The very best sea food, at the finest restaurants in New York, or Chicago, or LA, is what the very worst restaurants on the Gulf coast don't want".

There IS a difference. Freshness in sea food makes not just a difference , but is key. When in Dodge City Kansas, have chicken fried steak, when you are anywhere along the "Redneck Riviera", have sea food. Don't tolerate the crap passed off as sea food in Chicago, no matter how fancy the restaurant looks. And NEVER, NEVER go to a corporate slop factory like Red Lobster, and eat the garbage served there . Never. Never.

Don't be fooled by, "oh I eat fish because it's healthy". Factory fish like Tilapia might as well come out of the Sanitary and Ship canal in Joliet. It is full of Mercury, and poly-chlorinated toxins. I also don't want to hear, I cant go to all these places you do. Ok, fine. still no reason to eat garbage, frozen, 6 month old sea food, or more likely pond food.

Want to "eat healthy" in Chicago? Want something low in fat? There are many great Mediterranean and Indian restaurants that have wonderful vegetarian dishes.

I was thinking, the last time I had Halibut was in a little restaurant on the dock in Seward Alaska, Lobster? North of Maine in Quebec. Shrimp? Last week in Gulfport. This is the ONLY way to experience good sea food.

Biloxi beacon

Warning - food pics are next

First ride of 2010

22 miles along US 90, Biloxi MS

It really felt good to ride. I love the Ruckus. This is actually my 3rd Ruckus. The first one, I traded in on a "Big Ruckus", I missed the little Ruckus, and bought another one. The 2nd one, I put 3800 miles on it around Joliet in 1 year, and then had it stolen from my driveway. Progressive Insurance screwed me on the claim, so I was mad (dumb, now that I think about it) and did not replace it right away. Finally I just broke down and bought this one. I am so happy that I did. It is so much fun. I can't wait to put more miles on it, and maybe this year, do a long distance Ruckus trip.

Where shrimp comes from.

You will see the fnished product later.

Thinking about Chicago

Like, how cold it is.