Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thinking of Riding

This time of year I really start longing for riding the bike. I have some trips planned for 2007, and besides these , I am sure to come up with more, but so far:

1) US RT 83 from the Canadian border to Brownsville TX. US 83 is an interesting road because it is one of the longest US routes, 1885 miles. It also is unique that it does not pass through any major cities. One of the few roads that still gives you a feeling that rural America still exists.

2) Gaspe Peninsula Quebec, and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. I did start the Gaspe Peninsula coast road last summer on my old 04 R1150RT, but had to cut it short because of a bad tire. This time, Ill do it all , and the Fabulous Cabot Trail as well.

3) Ride around the pond. I have done this every year ( at least once ) since, well for a long time.

4) Blitz to Branson. This is always a great time.

5) Annual shrimp ride. Another ride I have been doing forever, from Joliet, down to Mobile Al. The Original Oyster House and Steamer on US 90 causway.

I was thinking of the 4 Corners Ride. The only states in the continental US that I have not been to are, WA, ME, and RI. Doing the 4 Corners ride will let me hit all of those. The long way. I don't think I will do this one in 2007 though. 21 days in addition to the other rides may just be too much.

I am sure I will come up with others, and would love some suggestions. Click the 'Comment' link directly beneath this post if you have some suggestions.

In any case, I plan to use up as many sets of tires on the new BMW K1200GT as I can.