Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rainy Saturday with the kitties.

My Favorite Gadgets

As some of you know, I like playing with electronic toys. Some I buy and find they are not so good, others are really interesting and/or innovative. I was thinking along these lines this morning and decided to make a list of those gadgets that I bought that really deserve a gold star for being special. So, here we go. In order of my liking them.

1: Nokia N900
2: Samsung Chromebook

3: D-Link Boxee Box
4: MacBook Pro Lappy
5: Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight
6: Garmin zumo 550 GPS

I'm limiting my list to only those products that really exceeded my expectations.

I have a long list of stuff that I bought and have ended up in drawers never to be charged with electricity again, or just given away. Even though I'm not using the N900 for my everyday cell phone, it is by far the best handheld device I have ever had. Too bad it was a casualty of corporate wars. The Chromebook, (now that Google and M$ have settled their Silverlight spat and Netflix works) replaced my Samsung Calaxy Tab 7" as my window to the interwebs when I'm not home, and sometimes when I am. I may be an early adopter of things electronic, but the Chromebook deserves the all time number 2 spot in my favorite gizmos.

Cheers, Kurt