Friday, November 19, 2010

New Carry Pistol

I have been trying to find the perfect carry piece for a while. First I got a Ruger LCP with a CT Laser. It just doesn't fit in my bear paw like hands. Then I thought, I'll go with a Ruger LCR also with a CT Laser. Again, too small and it hurts to fire. I have some full size pistols, but they would be a pain to lug around, and in some states like Texas where I spend a good amount of my time would "print" to easily because of their shape and width. Also, I fell into the trap of trying to save money, and not getting what I really wanted. Well, No longer. I bit the bullet so to speak and got this 4" Kimber. I tried holding the 3" Kimber first, but, those bear paws just didn't fit.

Advice: Get the thing you really want the first time.

Link to Kimber Super Carry Pro