Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rendezvous Memphis

My friend Bob McMullen was raving about this place because he is also going to the NOWRA show in Memphis. He told me that some one or other on the food network was all gaga about this resturant and their 'dry ribs'.

So since I am here early, and I will be busy Monday night when Bob and his bride Vicki will be having dinner at the Rendezvous, I figured that I would just go down there and try it.

% Drum Roll % These are the best ribs I have ever had in my life. % Drum Roll %

I am sort of a road food affectionato, as you can see by my picture and other posts. I think nothing of getting on my bike and riding 1000+ miles for shrimp, or 800 miles for Hamils BBQ. I now have a new destination.

Rendezvous in Memphis has better tasting ribs than anywhere else. I like ribs, there are plenty of places in Chicago that have good one, and since I do business with a Kansas City company, they always try to impress me with some place or other there, which to be honest, are pretty good.

Sorry, Chicago, and KC, you lose. The dry seasoning that the Rendezvous uses is just perfect to bring out subtle flavors in the meat. It is not overpowering, and no where near the KC style where you are eating baked sauce with some meat underneath.

Discoveries like this are great.

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  1. Damn now I have the urge to fire up the grill and start chucking spears at a boar. lol Although a road trip sounds like more fun.