Monday, April 21, 2008

CRBMW Meet to Eat

Sunday was the first CRBMW club Meet to Eat event. It was originally set for the Hawg House in Malden Il. It worked. Six of us showed up and this is really good considering that it was a short notice ride, and Malden is located in BFE.

The Hawg House turned out to be one of those 'Harley Only'kind of places, so being only 8.1 miles from Ladd, and in Ladd is Rip's Chicken, we all left the 'Hairy Eyeball' Hawg House and rode to Rip's for a late lunch.

Two Points:

1: Rip's has the best fried chicken in Illinois, and prolly the entire Planet Earth.

2: I have never understood the attitude of some Harley riders about motorcyclists piloting other brands. After all it is the Harley riders that are riding third world, pushrod motor junk.

You would think they should be happy that other bikers would gladly include them in conversation, and the love of riding. I don't find this phenomenon with other riders that have 'third world' motorcycles like Urals or Royal Enfields, it is just Harley riders. They, the Ural, Royal Enfield, etc riders just like the uniqueness and have fun. I don't understand why the Harley Davidson riders feel they are any different.

Oh well, it was a great day, in any case.

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