Sunday, March 23, 2008

War with Squirrels

I know this is off topic, but anyone with a bird feeder has prolly shared my frustration matching wits with your local tree rats.

I thought the location of my feeder was squirrel proof. Haaa! There is no such thing as squirrel proof when sunflower seeds are at stake. They are very very smart, and relentless. Our red squirrels seem to be more aggressive than the gray ones, but it was a small gray variety that discovered climbing up the siding on the corner of the house, then jumping for the feeder. The red squirrels were closely observing this, and next thing I know, there is a red squirrel "hiding" on the back side of the bird feeder while dining.

Important Update 03/27/08

The squirrels have won! Two squirrels jumped on the bird feeder at the same time breaking the cheaply made chinese item in half and sending it, the seeds, and the squirrels crashing to the ground.

Now I must decide if I want to increase our trade deficit and obtain another poor quality Chinese product to feed our birds ( and squirrels ), or simply admit defeat.


  1. Cute!! Yeah, those little buggers are quite the challenge. I have bird feeders as well, but I also have 3 siberian huskies. Now.......THAT's a show....One too many a squirrel (and possum) has met their "Waterloo" so to speak at the mercy of my dogs in the backyard...and become an appetizer. OR a meal. Either way, it's interesting, except when they decide to gift me with one...I DO love my little pack of sled-dog predators (all rescues...and rescue RULES!).....and oddly enough, they don't bother cats. They do play with them, though!!

    BTW in fairness to all, the birdfeeders at my home are located in the back yard and FRONT yard as well....if anyone gets eaten...well, poor stupid birdie or squirrel.......................!

  2. Squirrels are godless killing machines, the scourge of mankind.

    I have successfully foiled the heathen rodent reign of pillage on my property.

    . . . I keep the bird feeders in my the house.

    . . . boy, I sure showed them . .

    St. Charles