Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Addition

Spring is almost here, so I thought it was time to even out the stable. I had a 2005 Honda Big Ruckus, and it was fun, but ever since I got the Suzuki DR200 Dual Sport, ( was for me, but my kid sort of appropriated it ) , I was thinking light dual sport.

So , off I went to my local Hondakawayamazuki shop , and there, there on the showroom floor was a new Honda CRF230L.

Well, I'll save the explanation, and you can see by the pictures what happened.

Even though it was cold today , I put about 40 miles on it.

Now I cant wait for warm weather.

1 comment:

  1. Hey buddy,

    You know I luv ya so I can say this; yer a total bike geek.

    My geekitude leans more toward my fascination with WWII Japanese high level bombers, in particular The Nakajima B5N torpedo bomber.

    I'll give ya this much . . . your geek interests are way more affordable.

    Annie :)