Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a Sweetheart

I took the kid's new F800ST for a 300 mile ride today. Wow!

Have you ever ridden a bike where everything, I mean EVERYTHING is just right. Where the feel and sound and experince is an order of magnitude greater than the specifications. The F800ST is just that.

I have friends with K75's that just love them. I never had one, but the people that do never want to retire them and keep finding ways to ride them 20 years after they were made.

I think the F800ST is like this. No amount of looking at brochures, or pictures can explain the feeling of riding one.

I got this for my Kid, but WOW! I love the agility, the feel, the sound. I would not hesitate to jump on and ride across the country, or burn twisties with the local Squids.

It really is amazing. If I did'nt already have an 06 K1200GT , I think I would get one of these, and even more I could have this as my only bike.

So I am in love with a bike that technically does'nt belong to me. Oh well, such is life.

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  1. yep....thought so...the Kid really needs to hide the keys! lol Too amusing, although I imagine that will be a moot issue after the short seat is put on.