Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday Family Day Ride

Not being burdened by the usual Mothers Day rituals, the teenage kid was nice enough to participate in a "Family Day" ride with Dad.

We actually started quite late 1:00 PM but the morning was cloudy and a little cold.

We rode NW on US 52 from joliet to Savanna Illinois and the Mississippi Palisades State Park.

It really is sad that so many families never find the wonders of nature, but just drive to and from 'corporate' activities in their SUV's with the kids strapped into car seats like little Mercury Astronauts watching some mindless Disney brain washing thing on the in-SUV DVD player. I really feel sorry for these kids and their future.

This was the Kid's first long ride of the year. By the time we got back, we put on about 375 miles.

From Savanna, we took IL rt 84 ( The Great River Road ) down to US 30, and back to US 52.

By then it was dark, and I dont like riding 2 lane roads at night so we switched to the 'Slab' ( I - 80 ) back home.

We did stop at a rest area because by this time, the Suzuki S40 ( 650 Savage ) of the Kid's had exhibited enough single cylinder roto-tiller type vibration to wipe out the almost 19 year old, supposedly indestructible teenager.

It was a great day.

A few more pictures are in the album:



  1. How do you know that today's youth only go to corporate activities? That is a big assumption on your part.

    As for disney and brainwashing, it is called entertainment. Besides, there are other movies besides Disney productions. You have a very dim view of things and you need to get out more!

    Just another comment from the World Wide Waste, known as the internet.

  2. w0w ... did someone whiz in your cheerios this morning? IF it is such a waste why are you obviously killing time on blogs?

  3. Whoa....
    There are some really sour people commenting here. So sorry for them, that they can't see the proverbial forest for the trees. This is one of the coolest things I've ever heard of for a Mom's day gig. My Mom's day was a quiet, no obligation afternoon enjoying the wild birds and the dogs on the back patio while chatting with neighbors and friends with a good BBQ to go with it. We all enjoy things in our own way, and that should be respected. To those who have the've missed the point. The point is love...and as once quoted from a Beatles song..."and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." It's all about the balance.
    Peace to all...........

  4. I'm so glad you and Aurora got to have a nice ride together. What a great way to commeorate the day.

    Are you still coming to Oregon for the Country Fair?

  5. Wonderful pictures Kurt. Your passion for the outdoors and riding is apparent. You're a wonderful dad and an inspiration for those of us who struggle to get outside.