Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Herald News Letter to the Editor

I am happy to see that the Joliet Herald News printed my letter to the editor regarding the flowing well today, December 27, 2006.

Link to Herald News article

Here is the text of the letter:

Letters to the Editor

December 27, 2006

Bring back the flowing well

I have lived in Joliet for 15 years and, over time, have visited the flowing well in Pilcher Park on many occasions. I knew that the well had been shut down a few years ago but didn't give it much thought till a few weeks ago,

I was having dinner, and two elderly ladies in the booth behind me were talking about how much they missed going to the flowing well. One of them said, "My son used to take me there every week to get my water, and now that it's closed, I never see my son anymore."

This really touched my heart, and I realized that it was the socialization and memories, not the water that made the flowing well a local landmark.

When I talked with friends who were raised in Joliet, I saw warm smiles and heard stories of, "My dad used to take me there," or "We would go every week to get water."

I found it simply amazing that the flowing well meant so much to many people here, but the park district just wanted to abandon this tradition.

I decided on the spot to see what I could do to help bring this landmark back. I checked with the Will County Health Department, and found the well was sealed and a new well would need to be drilled in order to bring it back to life. I also learned that because the well ran all the time, it would burn out pumps when the water level dropped.

I wrote an e-mail to Dominic Egizio at the Joliet Park District outlining some technical solutions and my willingness to provide equipment and help with raising community support. After a week, and receiving no answer, I wrote a more technically detailed letter with solutions that would help lower the cost of operation and again an offer to provide the necessary control equipment.

I have still not heard anything from the park district, but now that I have had time to think, I see why. We have huge losses at the Splash Station, and the enormous cost of the new Inwood fitness center. This is happening while the Joliet Park District chooses to close the East Side pools and abandon the flowing well forever.

Something is wrong with this picture. Perhaps it is my belief that a park district collects taxes that should provide services that are not economically feasible, but necessary for the community.

I hope the park district responds, and still would like my technical assistance with the flowing well, but in any case, I think that out of the thousands of dollars I pay in taxes, 3 or 4 cents can be used to bring back the flowing well. Even if it is not used by everyone, it is enough to know that dear elderly lady will be united with her son for the weekly water run.

Kurt Bihler


The January Park Board Meeting is important. Mr. Egizio told me that he would bring this issue to the Park Board's attention then.

I hope others in this area feel, as I do that this is an important issue, and let the Joliet Park board know.


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