Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Flowing Well Update

Mr Egizio called me this morning to discuss the situation with the Pilcher Park Flowing Well. He told me that that there were three main reasons why the Joliet Park District decided to close the well permanently.

1. Environmental concerns:

Apparently, there was a fuel spill near the well, with the chance of possibly contaminating the water.

I do not know the full details about this but will investigate this to see if this is still a concern, and how it could be addressed.

2. Long Term Maintenance.

I think I have addressed this issue in my second letter, but I think the Park Board needs to see my proposal. Additionally there has been some vandalism, trash being dumped etc.

3. Public Safety.

Mr Egizio told me that the Park District had some concerns over this. I do not know if this is a real issue or not, but perhaps people here could comment on this issue.

Mr. Egizio did tell me that any decision on resurecting the Flowing Well would be up to the Joliet Park Board, and that he would bring this to their attention at the next board meeting on January 22nd.

If there really is public support for the Flowing Well, you can do two things.

1. Post your stories as comments in this blog.

2. Attend the next Joliet Park Board meeting this January 22nd at 3000 W Jefferson St in Joliet. ( I will find the time and post it here )


  1. The flowing well has an iconic quality throughout the county. If taxpayers are willing to support this link to the past, the board should consider Mr. Bihler's offer.

  2. reguardless, weather, or not, the well, is closed, off or shut down... to many, it holds, memories , for some it could be.
    -A.( your neighbor to the south of you)

    p.s. I think your neighbor in the blog in front of you is hot, it's ok if you tell him I said so, but if you don't thats ok too. i'd like to say something to him, but I don't know how or what. Good luck to you and the well for everyone;) peace!