Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia becomes Microsoft's Bitch.

It looks like my N8 will be my last Nokia phone. I have had virtually every new release Nokia has made since my first portable in the mid 1980's. Nokia really had reached their peak with Maemo and the N900. Then threw it away by a series of monumentally bad decisions, like ditching Maemo for Meego, and now letting Microsoft decide their destiny with an OS no one wants. So long Nokia, it's been great!

I love my N8. Nokia has been basically made into Microsoft's biatch. The new CEO is from Microsoft, and he is killing off Nokia's competing operating system Symbian, and forcing Windows Phone 7 which no one wants, or is buying ...onto Nokia's smart phone line. Nokia has such a huge worldwide market share that the thinking at Microsoft is they will sell more Windows Phone 7 no matter how bad it is. ( Copy & Paste doesn't even work in WP7 ). A corporate mugging on a grand scale. Next, I'm sure Elop will outsource all the jobs from Finland to China to save money. The whole thing is sad.

I think there has been some sneaky stuff going on orchestrated in Redmond for a while. Nokia had Maemo ( The N770, N800, N810, N900 ) operating system really perfected. All of a sudden, Nokia throws it away and "joins" the MeeGo development effort with Intel. The guy behind Maemo ( who is really good ) ends up at HP to lead webOS development. MeeGo on the ARM is about as useful as a kick stand on a bass boat as one would expect from Intel. That whole scenario smells of Microsoft dirty tricks to me.


  1. hi kurt,
    my last phone is also the nokia n8. i love this phone but am now looking for a way to remove the nokia logo.

    look around all the nokia posts that have been written today have about 90% of negative comments. no current nokia customer seems happy.

    nokia had a 30% market share and threw it in the rubbish bin to go with a OS from an evil empire which currently holds 1% market share (wp7)

    i hope @selop gets fired before he has a chance to start the transition in to the sure death of nokia

  2. "my last phone is also the nokia n8."


  3. se acabo , ya no quiero NOKIAsco

  4. @selop is the new Hosni Mubarak.