Thursday, January 21, 2010


On my way home

I have been roaming around the Southwest and I carry my little FNP-9 in a Maxpedition Versapack Jumbo. I have both PA and UT permits, and except for California, I have been traveling in "free states".

I am driving up I-57 in MO, and am about to cross the bridge into Illinois, when I think to myself .... Oh S&^t, I have a loaded weapon with me. I am reaching around behind the seat, grab the bag, pull the piece out, pop the clip, put it back and put the clip in the front zippered flap (nothing up the pipe) just as I get to the Illinois State Line.

As soon as I am off the bridge, there are about 7 or 8 Illinois State Troopers lined up along the road, with a few more up the highway with cars pulled over. It must have been some kind of blanket enforcement training or something.

I was not stopped, but thinking about it, I almost became a felon. Handcuffs, jail, loss of FOID card, legal fees. Something is really wrong, when in most of the country, a thing is fine, then cross a bridge and it is no small matter, but you become a dangerous felon. When I was in Southern Arizona the week before, I noticed several guys in the coffee shop with holsters, and pistols having breakfast. And by the warn looks of them, you could tell this was just like any other day for years and years.

It is time for a License to Carry law in Illinois. Past time. I will be at iGold. I will do what I can.

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