Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helping Windows users.

I posted this in a thread on Slashdot, and I thought some who read my blog would find this interesting as well.

"I don't help friends with computer problems on Windows machines any more, and it has strained some of my friendships. I get calls that their computer is lousy with trojans and viruses and my NEW answer it to switch to Ubuntu, and I'll help. Helping a Windows user is like giving a crack head $10 bux. The same problem is only going to happen again. It is a waste of both of our time. I have found that it is actually a good test of friendship. They call me because they think I know "something about computers". When I tell them what I would do, they decide if they actually trust my judgment and load Linux, or they don't and just wanted some one to enable their mistake for free".


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